Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kit of the Month - What is it and How do I sign up?

I am excited to announce that starting this month (March) we are going to have a "Kit of the Month".

The idea is to offer a fun project every month with different products.

You have two options to have our "Kit of the Month": You can buy individual kits or you can subscribe.
If you subscribe you will have a $5 discount in each kit you subscribe. The subscriber needs to keep its subscription for at least 6 months, after that it can unsubscribe or keep the subscription automatically. The subscription is done through Paypal every month on the 15th.

I am going to offer 3 different "Kits of the Month": "Card Kit of the Month", "Scrapbook Page of the Month" and "3-D Kit of the Month".

The "Card Kit of the Month" will include all the material to create 6 greeting cards. Punch and any die cut is not included but I will be more than happy to order for you upon request. Included with the material for the cards, you will receive 4 ideas in how to assembly your cards. Price for the "Card Kit of the Month" is $12.50 + $5.00 for US domestic shipping.

The "Scrapbook Page of the Month" will include one 12"x12" page and all embellishments needed to create a beautiful page. My "Scrapbook Page of the Month" kits includes only the material to create the proposed page, not full size products. It is a fun surprise every month and I want to be that way. The cost for the "Scrapbook Page of the Month" is $37.50 + $5.00 for US domestic shipping. 

And last the "3-D Kit of the Month". The 3-D will be a kit for books, boxes, baskets, journals, canvas, and any other 3-Dimensional project that our imagination allows. For this Kit I will include the 3-D part of the project and any other embellishment, paper, ribbon you will need to finish the proposed kit (not full product, only the material necessary to finish the proposed project.) The price for the "3-D Kit of the Month" will be $25.50 + $11 for US domestic shipping.

If you would like to order any stamp or other full size product I will be more than happy to assist you.

As for the month of March, I will have available the "Card Kit of the Month" in 5 different options. I will make another post with the options so you can buy or subscribe.

If you have any question, please don't hesitate in contacting me and most of all Welcome to "Kit of the Month" program!!!


Be the change that you want to see in the world. -MAHATMA GANDHI

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