Saturday, March 30, 2013

That is why I use USPS as my mail carrier... A true story!

It was supposedly to be a trivial USPS delivery from Stampin' Up! to my home address. The item was one Stampin' Mist that was back ordered from my original order and it should go to my new customer Fernanda in NY along with some other paper craft supplies.

My daughter and I were leaving our home to go to San Diego and I decided to stop and get our mail. I was kind surprise when I saw the package. Honestly, I had forgotten about the poor thing. I asked Ma to open to see what was inside. When I realized that I was missing this item, I asked her to put it back inside the package and put in the back seat.

Stampin' Mist

Our day keep going on smoothly and after a couple hours of work at the office, mission accomplished, I decided to take Ma for a special treat: CPK!
Lunch was quite yummy and we even had dessert. During the waiting time for our food to arrive, we started browsing for a AMC theater. Well, we had time and why not enjoy San Diego once in a while, right?

My Dessert
Ma's Dessert

As lucky as we are, in the same shopping center we were eating was a AMC showing the movie Ma wanted to watch. The new Oz movie. On our way to the theater we encountered a USPS truck. I promptly asked Ma to get the parcels I had in the back seat inside a bin and give to the mail carrier. She hurried and took the job seriously and in a snap she had handed the bin to the carrier.

As happy as we were, with a beautiful sunshine day we kept our day going on.

Later on, already back home, I started to look for the package I had received from Stampin' Up!. I looked everywhere in my car: NOTHING! The package disappeared. Then I realized that when I asked Ma to drop the package on the back seat, it probably landed inside the bin and then when she handed the bin to the mail carrier in San Diego, the package was together inside and I had lost Fernanda's Stampin' Mist.

Of course I panicked for a little while because I didn't want to delay her order because of this unfortunate incident.Oh, well! More calm down I decided that I was going to order another Stanpin' Mist to replace the missing one. I had a few more days because some other products were yet to arrive.

On the next day, as I was getting ready to teach my afternoon class, my mail carrier, Tom parked right in front of my neighbor's house. When he saw me, he came to chit chat. Right a way I start telling him my unfortunate incident. With a smile in his face, we looked to me and asked: - What color was this package? I answered: - Light grey. And he kept asking: - What size? And then I showed the size with my hands. He smiled again and said: - I just put a partially damage light grey package inside your mail box.

With a surprise smile and a giggle I exclaimed: REALLY????!!!! That is so cool!!! I had intended to pay for the trip from San Diego back to my home if I need to recover the package but not even this.

Damaged yet back to my hands!

The Postal Service not only re-delivered my mail but also closed the part I had open the day before. Everything was inside. I was double surprised: first because the mail service delivered again my mail without extra charge but also being open, nothing was missing. USPS: honesty and integrity all together. What else can I say or wish for?

My mail carrier even added an extra label to make sure nothing would spill.

I am really happy with USPS. Very seldom my parcels get lost and not delivered, the price is quite affordable and all this experience together.
Thank you USPS!!!
This humble customer - Djana

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