Friday, September 9, 2011

Box Template

I haven't seen a project as popular as this one...
The stationary set.

A lot of people have asked for me this box template. Instead of sending the file over and over, I decide to add here the instructions. It is much easier for me.
You can make the box any size you want accordingly with your card size. I hope this make sense, because I've done the same box in different sizes. Because I am a teacher, I much prefer that you understand the concept of the project than just copy it. You can use either 12"x12" or 8-1/2"x11" paper size. My yellow set is a 8-1/2"x11" size.
The base of the box is a little bigger than the size of your envelope. The other marks will have two-1" wide at the top, bottom and right side. The left side will have one-1" wide plus the rest of your paper, so we can have the larger flap to embellish.

These are the cutting parts. All four small squares (one in each corner) you will cut until the scored line, but only in one direction. Doesn't matter which one you cut because you will fold to the inside of the box and double-side tape to secure.

That is it folks!!!
Pretty easy and straight forward directions. If you live in San Diego or Orange County, you can come and join me at Ever After Scrapbooks on October 23rd. to a class with this project.
Have fun and thank you for contacting me.

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