Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beaded Havaianas: Color Options for the Flowers

Summer is almost at the door and I am receiving more and more inquires about my beaded Havaianas therefore, I decided to snap few pics with the color option of the flower that decorates the sandals.
These flowers are more than special since I get them in the South of Brazil, made specially for me.
When you place your order, please, specify what sandal color you want, size as well as the color of your flower. The pictures you see two flowers only means that I have only "two" flowers and they will be placed in the center only. If the picture has four flowers, I can place one flower in the center and another right next to the centered one. I hope this make sense.
Now, the pictures:

This is a different option. It doesn't goes with a flower, only the stress:

I hope this helps with your decision.
Thank you,

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