Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dreams Come True

If you follow my blog and like my projects, you probably know that I am not big in journaling, probably because I don't like my hand-writting so much. Being an architect, I have a standard, formal and boring hand-writting. I wouldn't say that it is fancy or cute, so I made this page that has a LOT of emotional feelings that I wish I had written down there, but I didn't and I would like to explain here to you.

My daughter Ana loves going to watch movies at the El Captain. Last year, our trip to Hollywood was more than special. Her God-Mother and it happens to be her aunt, come from Brazil to visit us right during my daughter's 11th birthday. We spent her birthday at Disney/California Adventure. A week later, we went to LA again (we live in San Diego County) to do some sight-seen with my sister and including in this trip we went to the El Captain to see Tangled. BTW, we didn't know the Rapunzel story, so it was a plus to get to know the fairy-tale.

Anyway, it was a huge dream come true to them. It was my sister first time in Hollywood, in LA, at the El Captain, walking at the Carmen Miranda Blvd. And I forgot to mentioned that they haven't seen each other for more than 6 years. It was an amazing trip and a wonderful time.

I hope you like my page.

Be the change that you want to see in the world. -MAHATMA GANDHI


  1. Djana, that is a wonderful story. I'm thinking it may still be worth it to write it out and put it on the back of the layout, perhaps. Thank you so much for playing along with us this month for Challenge #12 over at Scrapping Everyday Miracles.

  2. Hi Sherri,
    You are absolutely right. I will do that because we forget these details, that is exactly the reason I started scrapbooking, so I could capture these memories that varnish from our brain once we age.
    Thank you for your comment and suggestion.

  3. Thank you Djana for joining in our challenge! I agree with Sherri that you should write all the details on the back. ;-) I hope we see you in future challenges at SEM.

  4. I saw Tangled too and it's pretty good! :D Sounds like you had an awesome time :) Thank you so much for playing with us over at SEM :)

  5. Ignore my email... I just saw that you fixed the link... I love the layout and love your story... thanks for joining us over at SEM...

  6. What a wonderful story, Djana!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us at SEM. I love your layout!! Your color work is brilliant.

  7. I love your layout and all the details you've added! Thanks so much for joining us at Scrapping Everyday Miracles - we really appreciate YOU!


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